We as interior designers want to change something in our sector. We want to widen the horizon of pure design, base it and add importance on a different level.
Every single one of our projects is based and united with our principles and carried by four pillars. adflatus is a company that boosts the conscious of its employees, partners as well as its customers and touches the subconscious. It is important for us to pack our customers souls in cotton and create a shell around it.

Four Pillars of Our Company

The customer is the centre of each of our projects

Every concept of ours is adjusted to and aligned with the customer’s psyche and surrounding or his/her target audience (restaurants, hotels, offices etc.) This makes each of our projects unique and un-reproducible. The constant confrontation with limitations of imagination showed us one vital thing: EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE as long as you have the right people by your side.

Concept over all senses

In a time of overstimulation, exclusion and permanently augmenting pressure, we focus on the most essential. The well-being of a healthy human is triggered by his senses which stimulate the part of the brain storing memories. Our concept is based on your individual needs, wishes and all your senses. Our know-how and our partners’ products can make sure that your wish will come true.

Openness and integrity

Openness and integrity are the connection to our customers, partners and the secret to our success. We are aware of the fact that no deal should be done without trust and honesty. Our customers and partners know that we are people of our words, which make us worth that trust.

Highest possible quality in all areas

It is not enough for us to have the know-how to be able to produce, provide and deliver the best quality. The personal contact with everyone having something to do with us is vital for us and takes the biggest part of our attention. To get qualities without living them is like knowing how to breathe and still suffocating. Each of our meetings with our customers makes the difference.

We trust in traditional values, new ideas and exceptional realizations which are the criterias that reflect our approach towards the customers. We are working with big companies, super products and extravagant appearances. Nothing is more boring than being mediocre. Our customers know, appreciate, acknowledge and live quality with joy.

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