adflatus is a company that deepens the conscience, the conscience of its employees, its partners as well as its customers and touches the sub-conscience. We believe; interior design is not only a question of fashion or what is “in” or “out”. Interior design needs more and adflatus is aware and cares about that.

It is the secret to our success, our specialty and our concern to put the personality in the living area or the target audience in the centre of attention. It IS about YOU.

We put your project in the perfect light without standing under your spots. We make a difference without confusion, aligned with your psychology.

Being in this business for quite some time now, we discovered a frequent error all around the world. Ideas, styles and trends are something wonderful. Still they often omit the personality. They need organisation, energy, and perfection.
How many days in a year, do you get up urging to clean-up, organise, and redecorate? A house is like a hairstyle. It shouldn’t need hours of serious hassle to make it liveable and look nice. Trends and styles are for magazines. Your house should carry your soul, pamper your psyche, and give you relaxation, happiness and balance. It should prove; you are alive, airy and make your dreams come true.
Let us blow-up your inspiration, clear your mind, ease your soul, and give you more free space to find peace and enjoyment in your direct surrounding.
– The Dreamer

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