adflatus Screensaver

We wanted to bring some colors to your life and Soulcan™
designed something special for YOU!


ATTENTION: Please read before downloading the Screensaver!

“adflatus Screensaver” file that you’re about to download has been scanned against all possible viruses with antivirus softwares (including Norton, Eset, McAfee, AVG and Kaspersky) and doesn’t content any viruses. Nevertheless some of the anti-malware or anti-virus softwares might block executable (.exe) files in Windows operated computers. If that is the case, please temporarily disable your protection software, download and install the screensaver, and then re-enable the software. Do not install any executable files (the file name ending with “.exe” – like this one) if you don’t know its source. You might harm your computer.

We are aware, we care.